In Living Memory

 A Bio of My Travels

Many of my works reflect my traveling and living in various countries around the world – Morocco, France, Spain, England, Hungary.

I am influenced by the art, architecture, color, and landscapes of different countries and cultures.

Some works are named for specific cities, countries, architecture or people.

Geography and climate affect peoples’ attitudes and emotions. People interact on a daily basis with their environment. Space or the lack of it affects their perceptions and aesthetics.

As I traveled and lived in different places in the world and the United States, I have absorbed the shapes and and colors which have rooted in my mind.

In Franco’s Spain, the culture seemed to be frozen in time. The grandeur and beauty of Spain held me in its sway.

When I lived with the Zayanes tribe in Atlas Mountains, I became an artist. This was a pivotal time in my artistic development. I lived with the tribe for a time, travelling with them as they gathered roots and insects to make the colors to dye their fabrics. The heat, the wide expanse of space gave me an experience that has become part of my life.

Meeting Robert Graves and living for a time in Deja was a magical experience for me. Deja was haunted by ghosts of pirates who visited this island and left their still undiscovered treasure.

My experience visiting the caves of Lascaux, at a time when it was possible, opened the eyes of my mind and heart.

Visiting Salvador Dali in Cadaques was an amazing experience. The cliffs of Cadaques, his unique parties were exciting.

New Mexico in the U.S. has magical space and light.